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fun3nuf is feeling present in the moment.

Our goal as a company and individuals since 2020 has been to be inspired by existing in the present moment with nature, understanding and creating, and then going back out to be inspired again. It may not be the most efficient, but as an artist i have found i can thrive in this balance going back and a yin and yang. For fun3nuf as a company and individuals, our goal is to give back to the environment more than we take and keep wild California safe. We try to source recycled or second hand materials whenever possible be it scrap canvas or wood pallets for frames. And then give back by spreading wildflower seeds including poppies California lupine(yellow and purple) mules ear milkweed buckeye and hopefully soon California pipevine plants! Nature is the greatest inspiration and our single goal like Steve Irwin long term is to secure land that can be wild forever. Not inaccessible for humans, but for nature first.

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