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fun3nuf is being present in the moment.

IAM Ian McCue. I Draw how I perceive the world, capturing the fish eye lens we unconsciously approach everything with. When I am observing the world I draw in pen and watercolor in my sketchbooks. I keep these communication styles on the canvas I stretch, but erasure is much easier. I use oil sticks, oil-mop bottles, oil and acrylic paint, and collage media. I rely on primary colors sometimes because IAM red-green colorblind. I enjoy sketching in my leather notebooks while looking at and truly observing my subject and environment. How I am perceiving it from whatever angle I am looking from. Drawing without looking at the paper can be hard at first, but now I am comfortable painting and drawing with both hands without looking. Drawing what I see every day without looking ensures when I move onto canvas my physical memory, my hands, know the subjects and environment already. Because my imagination is vivid, I don't feel the need to express things photo-realistically. The lines, blank space, and ambiguity allow my third eye to interpret and project stories and forms in small details which allow me to continually see and interpret new things.

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